BlockInterop a Decentralized Healthcare Ecosystem

Optimizing Healthcare outcomes with Blockchain Solutions

BlockInterop, is an IT solutions company that specializes in the feasibility studies, analysis and implementation of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR / SMART on FHIR), RESTful API, DApp, HL7, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain services.

In healthcare, Interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged.

Our Blockchain solutions will lay the groundwork for the decentralization of electronic health records, enabling needed medical data to be accessible to the clinician, labs, hospitals, pharmacies, and patients regardless of the application or application vendor.

BlockInterop’s best practice is based on the ability of health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries. Subsequently, implementing a decentralized solution in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and communities. This is where Blockchain meets Interoperability.

We aim to decentralize ancillary healthcare systems

“Blockchain technology and its ecosystems is revolutionizing the business of healthcare data by increasing interoperability, security, trust, and traceability. At BlockInterop, we aim to decentralize ancillary healthcare systems by utilizing Blockchain Technology as an effective sustainable solution.” — N. Gina Malak, CEO — BlockInterop, Inc.

The opportunity for the eHealth DApp market is poised for tremendous growth over the next decade. The ubiquity of smartphones now allows people to communicate in video conferencing, writing, and photographically with anyone in the world instantaneously.

BlockInterop is an ehealth DApp Solutions Provider. We will create interoperability applications that will be utilized across eHealth ecosystems to provide efficiencies for both the patient and providers.

Come check out more and join the advanced healthcare economy of the future as we apply blockchain as an innovation technology.







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