BlockInterop CEO Gina Malak slated to speak at Virtual Blockchain Summit on June 12, 2019.

CEO Gina Malak will be one of the featured speakers at this virtual event to discuss the future of blockchain and mass adoption.

Gina Malak — CEO / Co-Founder

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology is starting to take notice within all industry sectors. We were initially introduced to Blockchain during the launch of Bitcoin in which a ledger was used to track peer to peer financial transactions. This discovery is now expanded into what we will one day see as mass adoption for Blockchain and the solutions offered in all industries.

Our CEO, Gina Malak will be one of the speakers at the Virtual Blockchain Summit on June 12, 2019. This event, hosted by The Center of Blockchain Studies and Black Blockchain Consultants, focuses on blockchain and how it will impact the black community in the United States, Carribbean and Africa. The summit consists of 11 straight hours that features speakers and multiple blockchain sessions.

Gina will be among the biggest blockchain influencers to collaborate and discuss blockchain technology and how the black community can focus on the benefits from this multi-trillion dollar industry.

Black Blockchain Consultants’ mission is to help one million black people find blockchain jobs, invest in blockchain, build blockchain businesses and gain wealth through the technology.

We are thrilled to have our CEO participate in this important event. You can register now for the event at

BlockInterop is an ehealth DApp Solutions Provider. We will create interoperability applications that will be utilized across eHealth ecosystems to provide efficiencies for both the patient and providers.

Come check out more and join the advanced healthcare economy of the future as we apply blockchain as an innovation technology.







The Correlate platform enables the Care Team to order Patient-facing Digital Health Apps, Micro Services and Solutions within the Provider’s Enterprise Portal.