The FDA is encouraging more patients to participate in clinical trials, especially people of different ages, races, ethnic groups, and genders. Currently, African Americans make up approximately 13.1% and Latinos comprise 16% of the U.S. population.

However, those numbers are considerably lower in clinical trials enrollment, at 8% and 5.6%, respectively Clinical trials have struggled to reflect the diversity of our nation. We all benefit from increasing the overall awareness of, and participation in, clinical trials.

When people don’t participate, it can become a population health issue. When certain populations are not represented in the data, the data is not complete.

Correlate Health’s NFT platform seeks to bring balance to this issue by empowering patients with new and innovative ways to control the distribution of their health data and to encourage patient engagement with incentives, and overall build a system based on mutual trust for all participants.

How this works

Patients and Healthcare Consumers that join our platform can:

➢ Search for clinical studies that match their individual requirements and eligibility criteria.

➢ Create NFTs to monetize their health data and generate additional financial resources.

➢ Negotiate the monetary value of their data along with the current and future terms of use.

➢ Collect Royalties and/or secure Defi Loans, by using their NFT’s as collateral.

The Correlate platform enables the Care Team to order Patient-facing Digital Health Apps, Micro Services and Solutions within the Provider’s Enterprise Portal.

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